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Hitachi Solutions introduces on-vehicle communication platform

Published 30 October 2017

Hitachi Solutions has made the C2X Middleware Platform, which uses wireless communication between two vehicles or between a road and a vehicle, support the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) standard specification of Japan.

As a result, together with the support it already provides in Europe and America, it will support the major ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) standards of the world.

The C2X Middleware Platform is a communication middleware platform that is used for real-time wireless communication between two vehicles or between a road and a vehicle.

It supports application development related to driving support by using wireless communication to allow vehicles to exchange information, including vehicle-related information such as the position, speed, and control of automobiles, and road infrastructure information such as obtained from surrounding signposts and roadside sensors.

Now, since the C2X Middleware Platform supports the major specifications of the world, companies such as automobile parts manufacturers and wireless communication equipment manufacturers can develop C2X-targeted applications for a global market regardless of differences in message formats and communication protocols of various specifications.

In the future, Hitachi Solutions, as the leading company in C2X-related technology, will continue to contribute to the realization of a safer and more reliable mobile society.


There have been recent advances toward the commercialization of connected cars and automatic driving. As well there will be an increasing need for cooperative ITS, in which people, automobiles, and traffic infrastructures such as roads exchange information by using real-time wireless communication between two cars or between a road and a car, to solve problems of road traffic such as accidents and congestion.

However, the standard specifications for wireless communication are different depending on the country, and developers of C2X-targeted applications must do separate development according to each specification, which increases the number of design and development steps, and the number of test steps.

Hitachi Solutions has previously presented a communications middleware platform that supported the ITS standard specifications of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) and of SAE International of America.

Recently, in Japan, there has been increasing participation of overseas companies in the ITS Connect Promotion Consortium, which performs commercialization, operation, and support of ITS platform technologies, and driving support systems that use C2X communication have been introduced into the market. Hitachi Solutions, by quickly making this product support the ITS Connect communication standard of Japan, is aiding its introduction into on-vehicle wireless communication equipment and embedded software of companies both within and outside Japan.

The Main Features of the Cooperative ITS-Targeted C2X Middleware Platform, an On-Vehicle Communication Platform

1. Can support the standard specifications of Europe, America, and Japan, and easily switch among them

It will be possible to quickly support the ITS standard specifications of Europe, America, and Japan, which lead the world, and to switch among these standards just by simple parameter settings. We are implementing fast message processing for applications embedded in this product by supporting the different types of data communication formats in different countries. It will be possible to quickly develop the same C2X-targeted applications globally regardless of differences in message formats and communication protocols among the various specifications.

2. Presentation of a one-stop service from consulting during introduction through maintenance

Hitachi Solutions has verified specification compatibility and interconnectivity through test events and verification testing by C2X-related organizations, to guarantee support for the latest standard specifications. Based on this knowledge and experience, we will support the customer during C2X middleware use, from consulting through development support, test support, and maintenance.

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Presentation at the ITS World Congress 2017 in Montreal
At the ITS World Congress 2017 in Montreal (October 29 to November 2), held in Montreal, Canada, we will present an actual machine demonstration of the C2X Middleware Platform.

Source: Company Press Release